Hall of Fame: Willard Ikola (1965)

Willard Ikola
Willard Ikola

Willard Ikola

Eveleth, Minnesota
Years Played: 1952, 1953, 1954
All-American: 1953
NCAA Championships: 1952 and 1953


Willard “Ike” Ikola came to Michigan from Eveleth, Minnesota, where he played hockey for Eveleth High School.  One of the best goalies in Michigan history, he had six shutouts in three years of varsity play.  In his senior year, he was the only American on the team.  He played from 1950-1951 through 1953-1954.

After graduating from the School of Education in 1954, he returned to Minnesota to become hockey coach and physical education teacher at Edina-Morningside High School in Edina, Minnesota.  He retired from coaching in 1991 and worked as a scout for the New York Islanders.


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