Hall of Fame: Mickey Grant (2007)

Mickey Grant

Mickey Grant

Virginia, Minnesota
Loyal Fan since 1946


Mickey Grant is the wife of three-time All-American Michigan hockey player Wally Grant (1946 and 1948-1950).  They moved back to Ann Arbor after Wally Grant retired from General Motors, around the same time Red Berenson became coach.

Both of the Grants became very involved with Michigan hockey again, especially with the Dekers Blue Line Club.  Mickey Grant has been very active with many activities over the years including organizing Senior Night and the Parent’s Weekend.  This special weekend for the parents and players has been very popular for the Yost Ice Arena fans.  She has updated and maintained Yost lobby showcases since 1997 and she has always been available to provide leadership for any task Coach Berenson deemed necessary.  Mickey Grant became the second female inductee to the Dekers Hall of Fame in 2007.


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