Hall of Fame: Carl Isaacson (1975)

Carl Isaacson
Carl Isaacson

Carl Isaacson

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Trainer: 1947-1956

Carl Isaacson came from the University of Minnesota with Jim Hunt in 1947 to join the training staff at Michigan.  He traveled with all sports and was the trainer for hockey from 1947 to 1956.  During that period, Michigan hockey squads won six NCAA Championships under the direction of Coach Vic Heyliger.   Of Carl Isaacson, Coach Heyliger said, “Carl deserves a big share of the success our teams have had.  He is much more than a trainer and often gives our boys the moral support they need to work a little harder.”

Entering the business world in 1956, he retained his interest in hockey as, among other things, the League Director for the Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey Association for five years.  Subsequently, he served on the Board of the League for many years.  In 1962, he was a charter member of The Dekers, originally a men’s group dedicated to support hockey at all levels.  The Dekers helped establish hockey as a varsity sport in the Ann Arbor high schools, assisted the Ann Arbor Hockey Association in continual expansion, and supported Michigan hockey.

Win or lose, Carl Isaacson, was in the Michigan dressing room throughout the years to offer his quiet encouragement and support.  His life was rich with decades of hockey friends and his lifelong friendship with Coach Al Renfrew.  Carl Isaacson passed away in 1974.


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