Awards: Joseph E. Barss Award

The Joseph E. Barss Award is presented each season to the player who best exemplifies the true team player, as chosen by the coaches.  This award honors the memory of Dr. Joseph E. Barss, who served as Michigan’s first varsity ice hockey coach from 1922 to 1927.

1998 Matt Herr
1999 Justin Clark
2000 Kevin Magnuson
2001 Dave Huntzicker
2002 Jay Vancik
2003 Mike Roemensky
2004 Andy Burnes
2005 Eric Nystrom
2006 Brandon Kaleniecki
2007 David Rohlfs
2008 Chad Kolarik
2009 Billy Sauer
2010 Brian Lebler
2011 Matt Rust
2012 Shawn Hunwick
2013 Kevin Lynch
2014 Derek DeBlois
2015 Zach Hyman
2016 Justin Selman
2017 Zach Nagelvoort
2018 Tony Calderone
2019 Griffin Luce
2020 Griffin Luce

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