Awards: Howard Colby Award

Colby Award Winner Tony Calderone with Presenter John Shouneyia
2018 Colby Award Winner Tony Calderone with Presenter John Shouneyia (Photo Courtesy of Daryl Marshke, Michigan Photography)

The Howard Colby Award is presented each season to the team’s most sportsmanlike player, as chosen by the team.  This award honors the memory of Howard Colby, the team’s volunteer traveling secretary and statistician for over twenty-five years.

1981 Roger Bourne
1982 Joe Milburn
1983 Jim McCauley
1984 Jim McCauley
1985 Paul Kobylarz
1986 Frank Downing
1987 Todd Brost
1988 Billy Powers
1989 Mike Moes
1990 Mike Moes
1991 Mike Stone
1992 Dan Stiver
1993 Mike Stone
1994 Mike Stone
1995 Kevin Hilton
1996 Kevin Hilton
1997 Mike Legg
1998 Mark Kosick
1999 Bill Trainor
2000 Bill Trainor
2001 Bill Trainor
2002 David Moss
2003 Dwight Helminen
John Shouneyia
2004 Dwight Helminen
2005 David Moss
2006 Andrew Ebbett
2007 Kevin Porter
2008 Kevin Porter
2009 Danny Fardig
2010 Luke Glendening
2011 Luke Glendening
2012 Luke Glendening
2013 Jeff Rohrkemper
2014 Michael Chiasson
2015 Michael Chiasson
2016 Boo Nieves
2017 Sam Piazza
2018 Tony Calderone

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